Problem with sending screenshots on Whatsapp after upgrade.

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So every time I want to send a screenshot on Whatsapp I cannot do it by clicking on the "camera" icon and choose it from the "recents" as I did normally, but now I have to go to the phone gallery, pick them out there and send it. It takes a lot more time and was never like this until I upgraded my Android few minutes ago. Please help.
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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central.

With a recent update this could be a bug or some other mundane issue. We'll need more information to offer more than guesses and maybes.

What device do you have?

What was the update? The app, the OS, security patch?

You might try to restart the device. While the device may have restarted during the update it doesn't hurt to perform another when it is all over. Restarts close programs, clears caches and reopens vital processes.

Have you cleared the cache for WhatsApp manually? While restarts should clear caches and keep things running there are times, usually after an update, when things can be missed. To manually clear the cache, Settings>Applications>WhatsApp>Storage>Clear cache.

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