Problem with the Moto G Pure's back facing camera.

Kent Parson

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Oct 17, 2022
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Hi! Any advice you all might have on how to solve this new problem I'm experiencing with Moto G Pure's back facing camera would be appreciated.

Starting in the past few days, whenever I take a photo using the back facing (selfie) camera, the live image showing on the phone screen as well as the resulting photo I take has a blackened appearance on the lower part of it.

Here's a link to show you a photo i took with the back facing camera that illustrates what i mean-

The problem doesn't happen when i use the front facing camera, only the back facing one.

I tried wiping the camera lens on the back of the phone with a cloth but it didn't remove the problem. I've also tried messing around with various settings on the camera but none of these things resolves the problem either.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Just to be clear -- the selfie cam is usually referred to as the front-facing camera (i.e., the one that's on the side of the main screen that's facing you when you use the phone). Is that the one you're referring to?

Does this also happen happen in Safe Mode? If so, then the camera sensor or module might be faulty. Is the phone still under warranty?