problems if installing CyanogenMod ROM for same device with different RAM size?


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Feb 3, 2016
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I would like to know if in general one should expect or not problems when trying to install a Cyanogen OS ROM for same model with different RAM. I am in particular interested about BQ Aquarius X5, which is going to appear with 3GB RAM in pure Android (not Cyanogen), but until now only has had 2GB and thus the currently existing Cyanogen OS for this model and, I suppose, corresponding CyanogenMod, are in principle directed to this 2GB RAM model only.
I've tried to find information about this general (or maybe particular) question, without any success. I'm writing here since there is no forum for the X5, nor I can see any FAQ or previous posting in this website regarding this subject. I'd tend to think that there should be no problem, but the person attending the web support site at BQ doesn't know either but tends to think differently. Maybe there is a concrete answer for this question, or where could I learn more about this issue?

Thank you very much!