Profile manager that will only ring for certain groups


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Feb 5, 2011
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Hi there.

I have recently upgraded from my old Nokia (very old actually) to an HTC Wildfire running Android 2.2.1.

I love the Wildfire and am still learning a lot, but I have found one very useful feature that my Nokia had, that Android seems to lack.

My Nokia had profiles in that you could have different tone/volume settings per profile, and you could also make each profile only ring for certain groups.

For example, my children's school number, my wife and work were in a group called 'Emergency'. I had a profile called 'Sleeping' that would only ring when someone from the Emergency group called me. I use this all the time because I do night-shifts and sleep during the day, but need to be contactable by those people. The rest of the time I would have my 'general' profile selected so that it would ring for everyone.

I searched the Market for 'profile' and found some apps that looked like they might be what I need, but alas they only seemed to create different tone profiles but didnt allow for group selection?

Does anyone know of an application that will do what I need?

Thank you for your time and nay help/advice you can provide :)