PROS and CONS - Purchasing HTC One Through Wirefly (Verizon)


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Aug 19, 2013
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Wirefly offers the HTC One for $150 versus VZ's ~$200 sticker. Further, I save by paying less tax (Wirefly bases it on $150.... VZ bases tax on full retail price) and don't need to wait on mail-in rebates. Seems like a great proposition.

A few questions:

1. Assuming I opt for VZ's insurance policy after activation, if the phone has an issue after the first 30 days, can I bring it into a VZ store to service it under the manufacturer's warranty?
2. I understand that there's a 181-day contract lockup for Wirefly but do I incur penalties if I stick with my VZ plan but decide to swap to another phone (and if I decide to sell my HTC One on the secondary market)?
3. This deal is a pre-order. What has been your experience with how long it takes Wirefly to receive phones at their distribution center? E.g., am I going to need to wait a week or longer after the Aug 22 release?
4. Any pitfalls to be aware of?

Thank you!