[PSA] Caution when trading in device to Best Buy

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Mar 9, 2012
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I recently traded in my Pixel 6 Pro at Best Buy for the Pixel 7 Pro because of the great deal they had for launch ($545 total trade-in value for the 6 Pro and an additional $200 Best Buy gift card). I placed the order online, then completed the transaction in-store because Best Buy requires in-person acceptance of trade-ins (and that's what I wanted anyway, since I've been more worried lately about devices getting stolen or otherwise lost in transit).

Everything seemed to go smoothly until I checked my credit card statement about a week later. Best Buy had charged me first for the full price of the phone ($899, I won't mention taxes here), but only credited me $250 after that. Looking in more detail at the trade-in promo, Best Buy splits the $545 value into a $250 "promo" and a $295 trade-in value for the phone. They had only credited me for the promo. I went back to Best Buy and spoke to the Mobile dept, and they thought sometimes it can take 1-2 weeks for the credit to be processed. So I waited another week, went back today, and they still hadn't credited me. Their manager finally had to manually do it, so now I'm whole, but it was a bit of a hassle.

TL;DR: If you do any sort of trade-in at Best Buy, keep a close eye on your invoice and payment statement to make sure you get the full trade-in credit. (This probably applies to any store that accepts trade-ins.)


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Feb 24, 2021
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Good grief. Good to know even though I never do trade-ins. $295 is not a small sum of money and if someone did that to me they'd be dealing with one heck of an angry woman... This is like the phone sales version of what happened to me some time ago when I had a car dealer forget to reimburse me for only one of the key cloning invoices I sent them even though I had two visits to the people that were doing the key service and sent the dealer both invoices. Luckily I kept my calm since the dealer was the least scummy one I have dealt with. Car dealers and big box tech stores are very shady in general when it comes to anything refund/reimbursement related.

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Apr 1, 2018
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Thanks for sharing... I had considered not too long ago trying to trade in a device for an S22 Ultra in store at BB. Kinda glad I didn't and found a refurbished device on Ebay with zero issues for a good price without having to do any kind of trade in or any issues receiving it in the mail.
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