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Andrew Ruffolo

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Jan 5, 2010
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So today I found out how to close programs in android properly. Until today, I had been using a task killer for when the phone got laggy. I don't need it anymore because I now know how to properly close programs... and save some battery to boot. How much battery? I dunno yet, but it seems to be pretty speedy now and I have quite a bit of battery left when I normally wouldn't. So I don't think this is very intuitive... no, I didn't read the owner's manual when I got the phone, kinda in a hurry to exchange the Pre (what a crappy phone) but I digress. The Sprint clerk told me hitting the home button was how you quit the program, so I never thought about this until I saw this mentioned on a another board.

If you want to multi-task temporarily, hit the home button, switch programs, and when you go back, all info is brought back because the program never closed. Handy for needing to copy/paste or whatever, but it eats up resources if you don't need this.
To properly close a program, you just hit the back button until you get to the home screen. Try it, the next time you hit the program, it should take longer to load, but there shouldn't be any lag when you need to type, if you've closed all open programs. I'm using Dolphin browser now. If you've recently been to a ton of website, you can long press the back button and it will bring up a menu to Exit, don't know about stock browser.

I didn't see this posted in any of the tips/tricks or whatnot. I'm sure this is common knowledge for Android, however, coming from the Pre, I didn't think much about Android before 2 months ago, when I was desperate to switch to anything else (I almost went blackberry, phew!).

Now with the task killer gone, my e-mail syncs, my alarm sound works (before it just vibrated), and Google Voice doesn't give me a force close message upon reboot. Definitely worth getting rid of the task manager. I have Linda File Manager which has a task manager built in, so I check which processes are running, before I open it to close it properly.

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