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Punctuation suddenly missing in speech-to-text - how to fix?

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Just in the past few days, the punctuation function in speech-to-text is no longer working. I'm using the Samsung stock keyboard on a Samsung Galaxy s5.

The problem is consistent across all speech-to-text functions except OK Google and Google maps. It impacts messaging, emails, etc, and adds a really cumbersome step to sending understandable communications.

Ideas on how to fix?

Daniel Marple

New member
Oct 29, 2017
This may sound screwy, but I had the same problem over the last week,which I finally tracked down to the battery saver function. When I turned it off, punctuation worked perfectly again. Turn it on - no punctuation. Yeah, I know, weird. But it worked.


New member
Dec 15, 2017
Here is my experience which is a bit of a twist on this trail. I live is South Africa and around July 2017 the punctuation commands stopped working on all my devices over a period of about a week. I have tried multiple times to get period to = (.) to no avail …. here’s the twist …. I have just been to New Zealand to visit my daughter and all of a sudden the punctuation commends work 100%. I thought “at last they have resolved the problem”. Unfortunately, on my return to South Africa last week, the functions no longer work.

It is clear that the problem is either country or network specific. Have not seen this being identified before.