Q. 128 Micro SDXC Card Issues with Music Files, Need Help?

Seth Bushnell

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Apr 2, 2017
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i recently purchased two 128 GB Class 10 Micro SDXC cards on ebay. They came formatted in FAT32 but I've read exFAT was a more practical format for what I am attempting to accomplish.

I intend to use them with my Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (16Gb) for extra storage of Kindle Books, PDF's, Music, Photos, ect. The Fire tablet use the FireOS which is Android 5.1.1 Lollipop_MR1. I'm transferring these files using a Windows 10 Laptop. All drivers are updated and the SD receiver is functioning properly. I have about 85 Gb of music. All in a Music folder, with each band's individual folder, then with album individual folders and music.

The issue: Each time I transfer the music, I copy the entire folder, with all subcontents. When the transfer is complete, all of the music files are present, and it appears everything is working properly. However, After I unmount the sd card and re-insert it back into the receiver. All the folders show up in my file explorer, but each folder is empty of any content. The sd card still shows the memory is used up by the content, but there is no way to access it.

So far, I've attempted this three different times and each time this has happened. I've been reformatting the card and starting over each time. But, I'm wondering what is causing this. The tablet still reads the pdf's and mobi files and I can access everything but the music contents with ES Explorer. The ES Explorer shows the folders but the music content is also non-existent.

I don't think it's a tagging issue as they are all ID3. I'm lost as to what to do here.


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