[Q] How to setup gallery not to display images (album covers) from the SD Card ?


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Nov 15, 2013
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Hi all,

First, I googled this question and got unsatisfying answers such as .nomedia files (but then the music files would be hidden...) or putting a dot in the beginning of the name of each image file (which I really don't see myself doing as there is a LOT of them).
So if there is an obvious thread I have missed, please give me the link and accept my apologies for the inconvenience...

That being said, my issue is very simple : all my music is on my SD Card, including album covers. But I really don't want each album cover to show up in the gallery, and especially not if it's creating a gallery folder for each album... (if there was only 1 folder with all of them i wouldn't care).

So if there is a way that I missed to setup gallery not to show anything from the SD Card (or specific folder), or if there is an app that can handle this king of issue better than gallery, please tell me !

Thank you for your time

Cheers !

I've got a Galaxy S4 Mini running on Android 4.2.2

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