News Qualcomm admits the ‘new’ Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 is really from 2021, and that’s a problem

Daniel Gomes

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May 26, 2010
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This is really disgusting behaviour from Qualcomm and sadly the Android OEM's are fully on board with it because they can pretend their new phones have a new chip.

In reality they are selling us the same phone since 2021 but just with a new name, different design and colour. But the essentials are exactly the same.

The prices have increased though, of course. And none of the tech from the premium market have trickled down to the budget market.

What is supposed to happen is that tech gets cheaper and arrives a few years later in the lower markets. But these OEM's would rather withhold that and screw us over with the same junk year after year.

Where is wireless charging? Where are better cameras, not just the hardware, but the actual software as well? Where are metal frames? Where is ip68?

All of these are super cheap now and should be on the budget phones.
In other words budget phones today should be like Galaxy S 20 of a few years ago.

Instead when they DO make a good phone like the Xiaomi 13 or Vivo 200pro, they slap on flagship pricing.
Why the f would i pay flagship prices for a Xiaomi or Vivo or Oppo or RealMe etc????
I'll just get an iPhone if I'm paying that much.

They've forgotten why people buy their stuff. They are supposed to be making affordable flagship killers but they just make junk.

I'm definitely switching back to iPhone this year. Screw Qualcomm and Android OEM's

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