Question about Simply Prepaid?


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Mar 22, 2012
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I have a question about T-Mobile's Simply Prepaid,

what does it offer and or include?

Currently I have the $30 walmart/ plan with 100 min, unlimited text, and unlimited Data at 5GB's of high speed and I notice my minutes usage are starting to rack up and im close to exceeding 100 minutes.

Now for people who say switch to Cricket, AT&T no longer works well in my area so I was essentially forced to go to either Verizon or T-Mobile and I chose T-Mobile cause of the benefits.


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Aug 25, 2010
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It offers unlimited talk, I also kept running over and needed the talk due to some emergencies that came/are still coming up (I left the $30 plan recently when the new revised Simply Prepaid came out last month). It only offers 3Gb for the $40 plan which I got. This really is not a big deal to me at I usually hit 2-2.5Gb a month and it comes with unlimited text.

It also offers Music Unlimited (which is kind of like Music Freedom) which is a carry over from MetroPCS, and Data Optimizer which you can turn off, although Data Optimizer still goes against your data usage, the quality of the video is down.
If you want to keep the $30 plan you can also add $10 for another 100 minutes, I just kept going over and didn't want to deal with refilling all the time. Once I got up off even though I added the $10 earlier, the switch over did not work too well, I had to call back on an important call.
As a heads up, once you leave the $30 plan, you cannot go back on the same number.

Anyway, here is the details:
Prepaid Monthly Phone Plans | Simple Choice Prepaid Plans | T-Mobile

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