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Dec 1, 2010
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Hopped on the Cricket network as of yesterday and I'm more than curious about the plan we got. I don't think I was paying enough attention because now I'm irritated. It's the $60 plan but 2 phones are discounted to $90 monthly cost :). It's advertised in their flyer clerk gave me as "UNLIMITED 5G speeds, won't slow based on your data usage". You get 15G of data w/this plan.

Since we got two phones I actually have 30G of data by switching them out if needed but what's up with this? My husband uses his phone for Netflix and YouTube so he's going to fly through data in a heartbeat.

I asked the clerk what happens when you go beyond 15G and she told me you then had to buy more data. HUH? What happened to unlimited? If I don't buy more data, does it just slow down or am I no longer going to have *any* data until the next billing period? She was wrong about a few things (aren't they always) so not real trusting of asking her to explain this all to me.

** Then there's another UNLIMITED 5G plan that says "may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy". Ok, where we are it's rural so our part of the network should probably never get congested. Wonder if I wouldn't have done better w/that plan?

Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


RELATED ADD ON QUESTION: ** Got a free phone with the deal for their high end plan + my phone was a deal as it was only $40. What happens if you switch to a lower cost plan (online) after you've signed up with the high end plan in order to get the deal? Sounds like a shady thing for me to do. Yes? No? Repercussions? We don't use the extra stuff you get w/the premium plan anyway so that would not be a loss for us.
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Oct 30, 2010
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You would be best served by reaching out to Cricket and having them outline the details for you. It sounds as though you got some promotional deals that are not even listed on the website so it would be rather difficult for anyone not having the full details available to them to advise on what's best.

As for changing plans where you got a discount, they'll almost certainly penalize you for it by adding the cost to your bill or there's a rule in place where you can't change plans until a certain time limit has been reached. For example: Their current iPhone promo requires the plan to be in place for 3 months before you can change it to ensure the costs to them are recouped.