Question regarding the Battery Full Notification app


AC Question

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Centura SCH-S738C. Downloaded and installed app. Like it. Does what I need. When my battery reaches full charge it does in fact play a sound I selected. Problem is the sound just keeps on playing unless I go into the app settings and stop it manually. I selected Sound Stream Type (notification), Repeat Notification (15 min), Repeat Count (3) and Notify on Full Charge. I cannot figure out why the notification sound just keeps on repeating itself over and over until I unplug the phone from the charger. If I plug the phone into my computer via the USB port, the same thing unless, as I stated before, I access the app settings and stop it manually. Is this a problem with the app or am I missing something? Looking at the settings I would think the sound should stop after 3 times and repeat again in 15 min's unless I unplug the charger before that. I reviewed the sound I had chosen and noticed it played several times before it stopped. I have selected another sound that plays once and stops. Maybe this will work. In the interim, if anyone can help me here I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks.