Questions about Picasa for desktop, web syncing, etc.....


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Dec 30, 2011
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My ultimate goal is to take pics on my phone, keep some for my phone folders and store all of the "keepers" on my desktop in an organized fashion. I would love to be able to do this all from my device.

My current system is to use Dropbox as an auto upload. Once a week or two I'll go into my Dropbox folder and drag them into the appropriate folder on my desktop. I use the Picasa app on my desktop to view and sync with Google+ photos (I don't use Google+ for anything other than that. None of these folders are public). I sync the folders because the collection on my Desktop is more extensive than what I keep on my phone and I want to be able to access them on my phone if ever desired.

What I've been experimenting with is using the "Picasa Tool" app on my N4. I can view all of my albums that I sync to the web. I can also upload photos directly to Picasa to whatever folder I choose. It immediately shows up in the web version of that album...but doesn't show up in my Picasa app on my Desktop even though I have all albums set to sync with web. I have to find that folder in Picasa and manually sync it. I have a lot of albums so this is inefficient. I have all of the folders in Picasa set to automatically sync to the web but the new pics just don't show up unless I manually sync that individual folder. When they do show up they are already in the appropriate folder on my desktop so it's perfect. I just need to get them to sync automatically

Anyone have experience with Picasa for desktop? If it is set to sync automatically why is it not picking up new pics added to a folder via the web? Any advice is appreciated

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