questions on getting email and calendar info


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Feb 28, 2011
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I currently have two separate calendars on two different devices. I have my work calendar and email on my iPAD that I get synchronized to the iPAD through my employer's exchange server and I have my personal calendar and tasks on a Windows mobile device. The Windows mobile phone info was initially received on the device by using ActiveSync to synchronize with my home PC's Outlook and then I just added entries and events to the phone as I went from there.

I installed Touchdown on my XOOM and got it to download all of the same info that my iPAD has, I also did get the calendar, contact info, etc into my XOOM, I would like to have that info now go back up to the Google Cloud and populate my Google Calendar online. IS this possible?

Additionally I would like to get my Windows mobile calendar and task into the XOOM, but I am not sure how to do that. Ideally, I would like to have all the info from both devices in my XOOM and on the Google cloud, but have it in two separate calendars. One calendar for work and one for personal. Is this possible? I am trying to set myself up for when I dump my Windows mobile phone for the HTC Thunderbolt and go all Android.

I am so sorry for asking such rookie questions, but I really want to learn the XOOM. I am just finding that the iPAD was initially easier for me to understand. No doubt, due to the fact that the iPAD has less to it, including capabilities.