Questions on Priv Status Bar on AT&T


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Oct 2, 2012
I have two questions for those who bought their Priv through at&t. I would have attached a screenshot but the app keep force closing when I tried.

1) What is the symbol just left of the 4G symbol? I can't explain what it looks like. I've never seen it before, but I've never had an att branded phone either. My wife has an att moto x '14 and I don't see it on hers, so I assumed it was a BlackBerry thing.

2) On my Wife's moto x, I can navigate in the settings to take the "AT&T" off the top left corner. Has anyone found a way to take that off? The setting isn't there on my Priv, just didn't know if it was moved.

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Oct 6, 2014
As for #2 - the only thing I've come close to is using Nova Launcher and enabling "hide notification bar" - but then you can't see your notification tray, which is ok if you get the red "splat" icon on your apps that have notifications... but you lose that too as it's specific to BB launcher only. :(

So annoying - I hate having AT&T scream its name in my face everytime I unlock/wake my phone, because my eyes drift naturally to the top left to check for pending notifications. Even if you have icons up there, it overrides that with its "AT&T" string for a second or two before it fades away and lets you see what you want to see. Really ridiculous for this to happen on an unlocked phone imo!