Questions on the gear s3 classic cellular edition


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Mar 30, 2014
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Thanks in advance! Sorry for spelling or grammar I am typing this from my phone.

1. Can I connect to my phone without Bluetooth or wifi enabled on either device to get my phone notifications on my watch with both on TMobile data?

2. Is there any Bluetooth headset that can or will work like the apple watch and the airpods where I can connect it to both and it will automatically connect to my watch when I'm away from my phone and voice versa? I have the LG tone pros right now.

3. Can this watch track my sleep automatically like the fitbits? When I had the wifi one the tracking only nakedness one when I wore it the same every night.

4. Can I turn off the disconnection sound when my watch and phone disconnect from each other?

5. Can I send/receive texts from my watch if I am using textra or non-default text messaging app? Will they appear like normal on my phone?

6. Can I shower with my watch?

7. Is this watch durable? How durable?