QUICK/Instant access to Music Pause/Play on Gear S2 or S3.

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Jan 8, 2017
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Hello. I am trying to find out how to get quick access to the music pause/play controls. Especially the pause, on my Gear S2.

I have found the following

- Some watchfaces (including those designed within the ability of the Gear Watch Designer) allow a button on the watch face to go TO the music controls. And it never works well: you have to thud your finger on the tiny icon a few times before it takes. I need the pause/play control directly on the watchface. So I can pause quicker without fiddling fumbling to find it. Does anyone know a watch face with full blown direct music controls?

- I found I can re-order the apps ("widgets") in Bezel Rotate order. However, it won't let me do what would solve this problem: slide the music control to be the first one.

- I DID assign the music control to that button on the bottom right of the watch for double-tap, but I hardly use those buttons as they are on the wrong side and hard to reach. Again. not an ideal solution.

- I noticed a problem with the sleep/wake functions. I can have the music controls on the screen. The watch times out in a few seconds. If I wake within a few seconds, the music controls are back! Great! But if I let the watch stay asleep for a minute, it wakens back to the watch face and NOT music controls! I could not find a setting to make it ALWAYS wake to the last "app".

My brother with the Apple Watch is amazed that this is so difficult on a supposedly advanced and competitive Samsung watch. The Apple Watch will ALWAYS awaken back to the last app, so if he has been using music controls, all he has to do is raise his wrist and they are there.

Is there anything I am missing? I just want instant access to music controls (and without having to use a badly placed button).


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Jul 11, 2015
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You can move the music player widget to be the first one when you swipe left from the watch face. It's not direct access, but a swipe and tap.

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