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Nov 28, 2010

QuintessArt Games is a version of QuintessArt (our Virtual Museum & Art Gallery for Art Lovers) dedicated to Games with paintings of greatest Masters of history.

QuintessArt Games is an edutainment that ables to discover more than 1600 paintings of greatest masters like Claude Monet,Edouard Manet,Gustave Courbet,Leonard de Vinci,Vincent Van Gogh,Paul Gauguin,Gustave Klimt,Camille Corot,Johannes Vermeer,Paul Cezanne,Edgar Degas,Eugene Delacroix,Francisco Goya,Diego Velasquez,Rembrandt,Sandro Boticelli,Eugene Boudin,Brueghel,Gustave Caillebotte,Le Caravage,Camille Pissarro,Rubens,Tintoret,Auguste Renoir...and more coming soon :)

Link for the Android Market: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...sterdevx.quintessart_games_ads&token=5SDP3qZI

Link to download via AppBrain: QuintessArt Games via AppBrain

At the beginning of the application, it will copy (offline) all necessary content in your SDCard (database+ldpi thumbnails) in quintessart folder.

Higher quality thumbnails are available on our blog (6Mo => 25Mo): QuintessArt - Virtual Art Gallery & Museum: QuintessArt thumbnails available for download :)

This version proposes the games :
*Quiz with questions concerning currents and painters with associated thumbnails and possibility to see and zoom on details of the associated paintings in higher resolution; questions are drawn at random and when you restart the same Quiz, answers are also redrawn :)

*"Find the Intruder !" which is a "Spot the Odd one Out " like game in which you have to identify 1 or 2 or ...8 paintings of a given master among a set of paintings from other painters; educative, informative as you can see informations/see the associated paintings in the gallery tab & shuffle through all available thumbnails (1700 available :) for this version); a new design is also proposed for the display in grid view; you can share your scores

More games will be integrated :)

Each thumbnails successfully identified in the different games are added to your Win List. This Win List is on the main page of the application.

Main features:
-3200+ material available with 26+ painters
-changing background of the application (click on QuintessArt icon and long clic to see the associated painting)
-zoom for details on each paintings (click or long click on associated thumbnails to see options)
-sharing Win List
-sharing options with attachments
-set as wallpaper (see the paintings associated with the thumbnail via a click or long click)

You can see paintings associated with thumbnails and zoom on all of them to see details. Informations/descriptions (title,author,year,location,museum,canvas type,description) are available offline.

There is a paid version and a free one with Ads supported.

See our Virtual Museum & Art Gallery: QuintessArt on XDA threat [App]QuintessArt for Android - Virtual Museum/Art Gallery - xda-developers or Android Market https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...com.masterdevx.quintessart_ads&token=gvgddPyo

If any questions, see our blog: QuintessArt - Virtual Art Gallery & Museum
Twitter: @quintessart quintessart (quintessart) on Twitter


QuintessArt Games Edition support on our blog QuintessArt - Virtual Art Gallery & Museum and Log of reported errors+fixes can be found here: QuintessArt - Virtual Art Gallery & Museum: Log Errors

Higher resolution thumbnails are available on the blog (6Mo => 15 Mo) ldpi folder to place in quintessart folder in your SDCard, the application will recognize itself its children :): QuintessArt - Virtual Art Gallery & Museum: QuintessArt thumbnails available for download :)

A tip: if you have higher resolution paintings, you just have to place them in mdpi folder in quintessart folder renaming them exactly with the same name as the original painting with the same extension or delete them if you want to download new version (with the upcoming update for instance ;-) )

Do not hesitate if you have any suggestions.

Enjoy with QuintessArt & QuintessArt Gmaes Edition ;-)


All screenshots on picasa web :): https://picasaweb.google.com/quintessart

Some of theme here:


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