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Feb 29, 2016
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Ok I thought this would be a fun thing to do since we've all had some time with our devices now - I am very interested to see everyone's opinions on the s20 ultra and s20+ and seeing what everyone's rating is on the following categories. I will start.

I am coming from the s10+

Hardware and design: 9.0
Samsung almost knocked this one out of the park. I love the nearly bezel-less screen with just a tiny hole punch for the selfie camera. Big camera bump is only con.

Display: 10
Best display out there. Samsung always delivers in this department

Software and performance: 9.0
Pros: 120Hz refresh rate/Memory/RAM/Cam-Zoom all +pros

Cons: Out of the gate camera software issue only thing holding this score back.

Battery life: 8.8
I get all day battery life and usually don't have to charge until I go to bed. That's all I can really ask for.

Camera: 8.5
This rating will really be interesting to see with different people. Me personally, I've never really had any issues with getting quality shots, other than the obvious auto-focus issue, and sometimes low light being a factor in getting a good result - although night shot is fine imo. The zoom is just fantastic and the best on any device. Focus has improved after the first camera update. Also what needs to be mentioned is that there is a bit of a learning curve with the camera, you really need to tweak and try different settings to get the best results in different situations. The more I have played around with the camera, the better results I am having.

5G: I have not experienced this enough to give a fair rating.

Overall value: 8.9
So far coming from the s10+ I really feel I've made the right choice to upgrade to the s20 ultra. The specs are just top quality - and I love the premium feel of the phone. I only wish that they would have perfected the camera before releasing it. For $1400 Samsung needs to learn from this mistake next time.


Hardware and design:


Software and performance:

Battery life:



Overall Value:
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Jul 20, 2010
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Hardware and design:


Software and performance:9.8

Battery life:10



Overall Value:9.8

Battery is amazing, the bigger battery does make a difference when using 120 refresh rate which is amazing and excellent reason to upgrade. The phone is fast, the new processor was advertised to be 30% faster then the note 10+, and it wasn't false advertising. Display is perfect, but IMO it's comparable to the S10 note 10 and note 8, the display is a step up from the note 9 IMO.

The camera works good for me for how I use the camera, point and shoot. The zoom works good to 30 zoom. The 100 zoom, don't buy the phone for that reason, you will be disappointed. Unfortunately you asked for the camera rating, so be prepared for this thread to be taken over by the camera is a failure posts. I gave the camera a 9 rating because I have to see all the complaining about it

Edit..I will also point out the price issue. Everyone wants to say the S20 line is to expensive and I agree. Nobody wants to compare apples to apples.. Compare the price of the S20+ to the note 10 and S10 5G versions. Don't compare the ultra price because the ultra is in its own league with size and specs, s20+ is comparable to the others. So with that in mind, the note 10 and S10 were to high also. Samsung made the mistake of forcing 5G on the S20 IMO, but I've read that Qualcomm is the ones that did that with the new processor, don't know I don't keep up on that much, but the 5G is what caused the prices to be higher just like the note and S series.


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Oct 22, 2012
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I am coming from the Huawei Mate 20 Pro & Pixel 3XL

Hardware and design: 9 - (think the Note 10 looks nicer - just)

Display: 10

Software and performance: 9

Battery life: 7.5
Mate 20 blows MY Ultra away with a smaller battery. The battery is good just not great. Bigger brighter screen but with 5000mAh I want more.

5G: can't comment as there's ony 2 cities in Scotland that have it so far and I don't live in either

Camera: 8
Again the camera is good and I love the functionality of the camera app and shortcuts so no complaints there. Overall it's good especially with the new update but when it comes to taking photos of people the faces look awful with little detail and with 3 young kids that's a let down. Same goes for low light it's just not great. I found the Pixel camera overrated but it absolutely nailed selfies and portrait shots of other people.
Another thing I thought would be better is the zoom. It's good if you know how to use it and what to expect from it ie. 2x or 3x zoom loses a lot of detail as they're just crops of 1x. at 4x zoom the dedicated zoom lens takes over and its good again and it's very usable up to around 10x then you lose more and more detail as it just crops in again the higher you go. Don't get me wrong. The high zooms are very useful for seeing things just not for high quality shots and I'm fine with that

Overall value: sure it's expensive but about the same as the iPhone 11 Pro Max and you get a HELL of a lot more for your money with the Ultra so I'm happy