RAW DNG to Jpeg converter for Samsung S7

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I have tried several apps but they either don't recognise the DNG format or they are simply useless for other reasons e.g. always writing the output to some directory (folder) in the device filespace which one then has to move them out of.

I need something which can convert them from the SD card

e.g. 0000-0000/DCIM/Camera

to the same place.

The S7 is rooted, with SDfix etc.

I would appreciate any tips.

The app shop is like the IOS one - 90% junk and you need five apps to get any one job done :)


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Feb 12, 2012
I did a little research for you. It seems that saving the results to the SD card is something that Android is prohibiting, so it's not the app. None of the RAW-to-jpg converters can save to the SD card. (Probably because none of them create an output folder on the card.)