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Feb 16, 2011
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I have been following the recent announcements from Spain with great interest around tablets that are about to be made available. I am in the market to buy one, but i am not liking the prices that i am seeing.

i purchased the Advent Vega (I'm in the UK) before christmas but i had to return it as the screen was uncontrollable when it was plugged in to the mains, that plus the screen was a bit of a let down on viewing angles.

I hate to say it but all i want is a 16gb iPad (wifi only) that runs android (for flash reasons)

does anyone know if there is an Android tablet coming out that has the following specs for roughly the same price as the lowest iPad?

9-10 inch screen with good viewing angles
decent resolution (1xxx by 768)
tegra 2 processor.
hdmi out
some inbuilt storage for apps
sd card slot (although i do hear that honeycomb does not currently accept sd card storage??)
decent build quality from a respectable company name (hint, not random brand found on tv's in supermarkets)

would be nice
GPS chip

dont care about in the slightest
cameras (rear in particular, might at some point use a front webcam, maybe)
3g radio
3D (really?? who is asking for this stuff)

i am hoping that the prices for the xoom and the lg slate are going to come down after a couple of months when some more competition appears.

do you think that something like this will be coming soon, or am i living in a dreamland

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