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Received an S7 Edge and the factory sealed label was removed. What should I do?


AC Question

Received an S7 Edge and the "factory sealed" label was removed.

After coming to this site and reading about the fun one can have rooting their phone, I decided to break away from Aggravating AT&T (did not realize you cannot root the S5 even after it has been paid for and unlocked) and purchase an unlocked S7 Edge international version. I purchased one through amazon and when it arrived today the factory sealed label was removed ( you could clearly see the adhesive residue). Everything else seems in place and the film is on the front and back of the phone. I have not turned on the phone until I had received some counsel from this group.

Should I perform a factory reset and use it? or...

Should I be concerned and return the phone?

Laura Knotek

Moderator Captain
Jan 8, 2011
Re: Received an S7 Edge and the "factory sealed" label was removed.

Did you get it from Amazon or from a reseller on Amazon?