Received OTA to 4.04 today.


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Sep 12, 2010
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Locked bootloader and stock android here. I got my ota today. This is the first Android I have not rooted or unlocked and I must say that I have enjoyed not having to keep up with doing nightlies and always fiddling with things.

There are 2 things that I have not enjoyed. Not having google wallet, and waiting for my update to 4.04.

*That said, I must say that I have noticed significant improvement in many areas of my phone, I like many other people report having 1 extra bar in just about every area I've been so far. *

*the task switching button is noticeably faster, as well as the screen rotation. ( although there have been a few times I have rotated the screen and it did not seem to move faster, but overall a big improvement) *

I have also had my screen on all morning playing with the phone, I am getting what appears to be slightly better battery life. Perhaps because of the improvement in the radio? Who knows, with so many things running in the background of the framework of your operating system, it is so confusing as to what is actually taking up your battery power.

Any of you that decided to stay rooted and locked like myself, I hope you get your updates very soon. I think you will enjoy them!

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