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Sep 8, 2019
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I am running Android 10, Build # QP1A.190711.020, Custom build version
BLU_G0370WW_V10.0.04.08_GENERIC 16-05-2022 14:11 on a Blu G90 Pro.

I'm using T-Mobile (Tello) as a provider.

I've had the phone for about 11 months and have never had any trouble
sending texts until about 6-8 weeks ago. It seems the trouble started
around the same time the latest update (security update I believe) was

The vast majority of my texts are sent while I'm at home where I use wi-fi
(mobile works sporadically where I live). Texts I send very rarely get
sent right away with the first attempt. I usually get the message
"waiting for a connection" or "Sending ...", and then after some time I
get the message "text not sent". Most of the time I have to try to send
the text multiple times before it actually gets sent.

Again, I had no problems sending texts before 6-8 weeks ago.

Is anyone else encountering this? What could my issue be?

I don't see how to reply or follow-up to this post so I'll edit my original post ...

Thanks for responding, everyone.

I'm not very proficient with smart phones.

Laura ... I'm using the messaging app which came installed on the phone.
I didn't even know there was more than one messaging app but apparently
there is. In the app info the name of the app is just "Messages". And it
is listed as an SMS app. I do use it over wi-fi. I rarely use mobile
since my plan has limited data.

mustang7757 ... I searched for Google Messaging App and when I touched on
it I had two choices: to open it or uninstall it. So, apparently, Google
Messages is what is installed on my phone.

Mr Bojangles1 ... when I looked at the app info for the Messages app on
my phone it alerted me to an update being available. That surprised me.
I was under the impression that updates for any apps installed on my phone
would be done automatically, or at least I would get a notification that
an update was available. Anyway, I installed the update and tried one
conversation since then. All my texts were sent smoothly. More testing
is needed, but so far so good.
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Laura Knotek

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Jan 8, 2011
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Which messaging app are you using? Keep in mind that if you're using SMS, you'll need a good cellular connection, since SMS will not work using WiFi.

Mr Bojangles1

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Oct 29, 2019
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Check for updates. Take your sim card out and reinsert. Maybe it's not sitting properly. Try soft reset, I think it's power button and volume down on your phone. If not it's volume up and power. It's the one that doesn't take you to recovery. You can also try resetting your network settings. This will remove saved passwords for wifi so you will have to re enter when connecting. Can also try clearing cache and possibly data of messaging app. Did it on my phone and text messages were still saved, but it's Google messages not sure if that's why. Also make sure that messaging app is set to default. Check your apn settings, maybe reset it.

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