Recorded a video in 4K but it won't play...


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Sep 17, 2018
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hey people, I have a problem with my Galaxy S8. I took a bunch of videos in 4K but found that none of them would playback. I thought this made sense because the screen's display is only 2K but I tried to record in 2K and that video still won't play. The videos all have a grey background and exclamation mark as their thumbnail which I don't really get. My SD card is not corrupted as it is fine with pictures and FHD video. Just wanted to know if there is any kind of fix for this problem because I really need those photos lol. Any help is appreciated


Jul 14, 2011
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If they're saved to SD Card that's the problem. It might seem like it's not, but it's either damaged or the speed is not the right one for writing/reading 2k/4k video. Even if the screen isn't 4k-capable, 4K video will still play on it with a downgraded resolution.

Try changing the storage path to internal and you should have no issues playing videos back.