Recover files from broken Sprint device?


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Jul 26, 2018
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Last week I tragically dropped my phone onto pure, rough concrete while taking it out of my pocket. (This phone had already been through a lot, including a small pink vertical line on the right of the display and cracks for days on the back.) I got home and tried to transfer everything onto the SD Card, that was in the colorful light show of an LCD display, before it could've just stopped working. Flash forward to about 4PM today, when I was transferring the files from the card to my new phone, I noticed only about half the files had actually made it onto the card. Now the phone just like won't show anything on the screen . 4 hours of troubleshooting go by, to see if I can get stuff off of it when I can't unlock it. I've tried ADB with download mode, which it didn't recognise, I've tried using sooo many different data recovery tools, etcetera, to no luck. Right now, the phone doesn't even boot up. Twenty minutes ago, I was into the normal stock ROM, and I could hear notifications and various other things coming from the speaker. Sometimes it will boot into what I think is download mode (cuz ODIN says "added!"), sometimes it will show just a light blue notification light, sometimes it'll be red. The only indications I have for it booting or being responsive is the capacative buttons and the notification LED. I am rooted on stock ("U" firmware) 7.0.1 (I believe) and have that USB Debugging stuff all on. My next move is to wait for it to boot normally and try this "SideSync" thing. The files I need most have a .nomedia extension in it's root folder so I'm not overwhelmed with pictures and music in my gallery and play music app. Is there anything I could try that I haven't?