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Recover original photo via Thumbnail photo?


New member
Aug 9, 2019
Short story I screwed up. I was supposed to Cut/Paste my photos from phone to my computer. Then I accidentally "Undo" it. The photos did not return back to my phone and was not able to locate it on my computer.

Power Data Recovery software did help me locate the image files. However, they were unable to open (probably corrupted). Tried the Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair but that didn't work (probably because the image files didn't have any dimensions in the Property setting.

Ended up trying something different and moving those corrupted image files back to my phone. Then I realized the thumbnails are all there for the images except cannot open the image. So this is where I need some expertise to perhaps somehow get the original images since I could see the thumbnails on my phone?

I have also tried the DiskDigger app but none of those images were recovered.


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Feb 23, 2011
When you cut and paste, the original is deleted and only the version between that and the paste function is held vulnerable in RAM. If anything happens to screw that up, the files are effectively gone. I doubt you'll recover the files on your phone due to Android being encrypted by default. It also sounds like nothing is usable on the computer. Did you check the Google Photos, or other services, to see if they were backed up?

If all else fails, there is one potential option for you to salvage something usable. Give Gigapixel from Topaz Labs a try.


This is a pc program specifically designed for enlarging photos while retaining (or more technically, adding) details. You can go up to 600% while maintaining their AI powered enhancements, and it dang near works miracles. I ran a couple of 600% passes on what was about a thumbnail sized image, and I was blown away with what it pulled off. Not a perfect reproduction, but more than good enough for a sentimental photo my wife thought was gone for good. You can try it free to experiment, but saving files will plant a big Topaz watermark across the final image. If they are to your liking, but don't want to fork over the price, I could maybe do it for you since I have it and a couple of their other programs. That is, as long as they are nothing of a sensitive/personal nature and not a ton to work on.

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