Recovering corrupted files after transfer from internal to external SD?


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I moved 396 files (mostly .jpg, and the rest .mp4) from internal SD (samsung galaxy) to external SD. When the transfer was completed, I noticed that 55 files now had completely crazy names (strange characters), extensions and even dates. The remainder 341 still had normal names and extensions, but 330 of them cannot be opened (get the message file corrupted or too large). So only 11 of the files are Ok.

I have tried running chkdsk, and some programs like ZAR, TestDisk, Recuva, but none of them worked. The 55 files with crazy names cannot even be moved to my computer...the other 330 can be moved but none of the programs mentioned above managed to recover them.

Is there still hope of recovering these files, at least those which names have not been changed?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It sounds like you've already tried what I'd suggest. It may be that those files are unrecoverable. Did you Move them or Copy them from Internal Storage to the SD card? This is why I always use the Copy command, because that leaves the original file alone (instead of deleting it, like the Move command). Once the Copy has finished, you can check the integrity of the copied files, and if they all look good, then you can go back and delete the originals.

I would also suggest running SD Insight to make sure that card is valid and not counterfeit.

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