News Redmi Note 13 Pro long-term review: Still not good enough

Daniel Gomes

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May 26, 2010
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I couldn't agree more! Great article.
Carl Pei said a while back that the budget market is just a money spinner for most OEM's. They use generic designs, parts and assembly often by 3rd parties, to sell you super cheap-compoment phones at massive profit.

They can sell millions of these and make a bunch of cash quick. Plus they don't have to put much into support and in 2 years the person will buy another one because the original is no longer good.

He said this in context of the 2a and was trying to say that the 2a isn't one of these. Personally I think the 2a is exactly the same and is a money spinner for Nothing, but with better software.

But the point is this: android OEM's are screwing us over in the budget segment, selling us crap phones with awful cameras, without trickling down the tech from the premium tier.

With time components get cheaper hence by now all budget phones should have had great cameras, wireless charging, AMOLED displays, WI-FI 6, top tier CPU's from 3 years ago etc

A wireless charging coil costs CENTS to make. It's just a wire coil. Super cheap. Why don't we have it.

Who needs 200mp cameras when the photo quality is rubbish. By now budget phones should take pic and videos that compare at least with iPhone 11 if not better. But instead they take the same pictures and videos from a decade ago.

Eg I have a Sony Xperia 10iii. In 2014 I got an Xperia Z2. The photos and video I took with that Z2 are BETTER than what I get out of the 10iii... And I even used it underwater! Got some great memories with my nephews in the pool.

If you want an Android with decent cameras, new, you have to spend €750 and up for an S23 or S24.

Screw that and screw Android OEM's. I've decided my next phone is an iPhone, even if it's a used iPhone 12.

The iPhone has wireless charging, fantastic cameras, industry leading video, software updates, support, and a world of accessories.

I can get a used iPhone 12 for the same price as a budget Android like the A35 and the iPhone kills it!!!

Android is going down, and it's thanks to these OEM's.

If Apple release an SE and price it at €400, they will decimate the android budget market, at least in Europe, the US and possibly India. Why would anyone buy an Android crap budget phone if the iPhone was the same price or less????


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May 12, 2023
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Well articulated. Yeah, the Phone 2a is in the same boat as other budget devices, but at least it has good software and two decent cameras, and that is a big enough deal these days.

It's a shame that LG and HTC don't make phones, and Sony also has a very limited presence globally; the Xperia Z2 was such a great phone, and it had a lot of cool features that you couldn't get anywhere else.

I've use an iPhone as my secondary phone, and I will agree that it is much more consistent than Android; that's why a lot of users switch over. And while older iPhones can be had on a good deal, I don't think there would be an SE that would have anywhere close to the same features as the regular models; if it did, then no one would pick up the flagships.

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