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Dec 27, 2009
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After reading a thread about peeling "phone" and "end" buttons, I decided I would be proactive and do something about it before it happened to me. I would be PISSED if it did. So, I order all of my skins from and Have had skins for my palm pre and blackberry tour prior to getting my hero skins from them as well (very good and very reasonably priced by the way).

I had a left over skin from my Tour ( I usually order 3 at one time since they are so inexpensive) and wondered what could I do to cover the bottom portion of my hero. What I did was use the top portion of the Tour skin,
the part where the ear hole is (see this link for picture of the skin Blackberry Tour 9630 Skin It's the picture on the left in the descriptive visual of the skin, which would also be the skin for the front of the phone), and I used that portion to cover the bottom of my hero. The little slit for the ear hole, I simply cut a little curve on the bottom of it and it fit perfectly around the trackball. Trimmed the edges and I have a fully covered bottom portion of my Hero with only the trackball exposed. You cannot even notice it's on!

Try it if you are worried about peeling buttons and such.


Hope this helps
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Oct 7, 2009
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I guess i'm just weird but after thinking about the "peeling buttons" issue for a while, if mine started peeling i'd scrape them clean. I kind of think it would be cool to have an all green button and an all red button. To be honest, and I hope this doesn't make me sound like a cannibal, I was thinking about just scraping them off just for S's and G's.
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