Remote locking by SMS


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Mar 22, 2014
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I have installed on my phone a app called remote lock (rlyp) this is how it works.

you send a text message to your phone for example #lock and it locks your phone with a message LOCK, with your custom message below. sending a text back saying your phone have been locked.

The only way to unlock your phone is to send another sms for example #unlock, your phone gets unlocked and sends a message back saying your phone have been unlocked.

The text messages never used to show in the sms messages nor did you get any notifications of the message received.

The only problem is with this app is since the update to kitkit, the phone displays the sms in the inbox, which I know can't be read until the phone has been unlocked, but if you forgot to delete the message and someone else say the message they could lock your phone s a prank etc.

As I don't think this app is supported anymore so I would like to know if anyone knows of a similar app out there, all I want to do is to be able to lock and unlock the phone by sms, and no other means, and for the phone that locked it to get a message saying the phone has been locked. I have seen a few apps out there which do a similar trick but they give the option to enter a password on the screen of the locked phone.

Failing that is there a way to fix the app already installed so that the phone will not display the incoming messages of the lock and unlock texts anywhere, but still allow them to work?



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