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May 21, 2011
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I have a kid with an Android Tablet and I need to set up parental control. Google Family Link doesn't cost (more) and it seems good. (I'm open to other suggestions.) When we first gave my kid the tablet we set it up as UserName1.

As a part of Family Link I created as a child-under-my-care. Now in order to use Family Link on the child's Android device I have to remove the previous Google account (UserName1), or add an additional user. So far I'm only able to find Settings / Cloud and Acccounts. In there I see Google / Accounts but that is only the Sync settings, i.e. do sync or don't sync. So I don't see how to remove that Google account. I've been going in circles on this issue.

While trying to add Family Link I filled in a form that UserName1 is a person under 13, that resulted in that account being suspended, to be deleted in 30 days unless I enter a credit card.

This is a Android SM-T350 running Android 7.1.1.

If I want to transfer the apps and the logins which are on UserName1 would I have to have root access and Titanium Backup?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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I made the EXACT same mistake with my daughter's device. Unfortunately, your child's old account is now useless. (I think you'd have to enter a credit card in the child's name in order to convince Google that he or she is over 13).

To remove a Google account, go to Settings>Accounts, then select the Google account and tap the menu button at the upper right corner (which looks like 3 vertical dots). There should be an option for Remove Account.

Family Link works very well, once you have it up and running. The main thing my daughter hates is that she can't use the full YouTube app -- only YouTube Kids (which seems to be geared towards much younger kids than my 4th grader). I don't mind, since there's certainly a lot of nasty junk on YouTube, but it seems the filters can be overly aggressive.

I'm not sure about transferring apps -- see if the current apps remain installed after you remove the Google account.

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