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Removing Clockwork Recovery mod and flashing stock recovery.


New member
Sep 11, 2011
Hey everyone, I have recently undertaken the journey of rooting my phone. However, having the latest firmware, version 6 has not made it an easy task...Not like my DINC1. Anyways, I need to know how I can get Clockwork recovery uninstalled from my Incredible 2 and how to get my stock recovery back. The reason is that I am trying to use the Tacoroot method to get S-off on my phone and the process requires the stock recovery mode...the mode with the red "!" Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been wanting to get the Viper ROM on my phone...but this whole process has not proven easy. Mostly in part to the firmware upgrade. Thank you for your time!


lt thistle

New member
Apr 14, 2010
Flash an ruu? I'm not sure this will do what you want but something to look into.

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