Replaced screen and now i have a blind spot...


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Dec 9, 2010
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Hello all. A few weeks ago I was unfortunate enough to break the glass on my Droid Incredible. I tried to return it to Verizon but without insurance, they decided to let me fend for myself.

I found a website name that had replacement parts for the Droid Incredible and decided to only order the touchscreen w/o the bracket. That did not work out as I had planned because I could not find a suitable glue to hold the touchscreen into the bracket that worked aesthetically as well as functionally. So I went back to the above site and ordered the replacement touchscreen with the bracket already attached.

After that, everything involving reassembly went smoothly. I got the phone up and running and checked to make sure everything functioned. Everything did, besides a dead spot almost in the dead center of the touchscreen glass. I know when I was putting the phone back together that I could not re-use the very thin double sided tape that held the LCD screen to the bracket, so I just let the LCD lay flat in the bracket.

The question I have is could this be causing the phones touchscreen to be malfunctioning? I have read that some Droid Incredibles have grounding problems. Could the tape be need to make sure that it is properly grounded? I'm just baffled as to what to do. I'm going to call back the company tomorrow and see if they have any ideas. Any other ideas or things I could try would be greatly appreciated. I have become quite adept at taking this phone apart by now so don't fret if you have a hunch that would require me to strip it down again. Thank you.

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