[REQ] A Little Guidance Please for the Unihertz Titan Putting TWRP and Ubuntu Touch on it


Jan 4, 2022
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Never flashed anything from Gitlab and IDK where I'm at with Flashing TWRP cause I have few tiny hard to read lines of text on the lower left of the unihertz boot logo. After I do the 3 fastboot cmds and hold volume up is when it acts like it pauses during boot-up and goes to a black screen I think.

It's detected in ADB and PowerShell Fastboot

My question about this is do I merge the two folders together. (artifacts folder and unihertz titan master folder. )

I've never even built anything so I'm just going to use it as is, but this type of flashing is new to me. Pulling files off a repo etc, I'm used to the old school download a zip from AFH and putting it on a sd card and flashing it in TWRP, prior to all this I rarely if not ever did very many ADB Cmd's let alone much flashing.

So I'm trying to see what else I need to do and where I went wrong with TWRP

Sidenote if I hold volume up on a fresh boot it just reboots to a black screen then powers back on again, sits at the black screen for 5 to 10 seconds.

I'm used to the old simple single click rooting and custom recovery then apply supersu.

The last device I flashed was a Note 4 Edge

So rooting via KitKat days vs Oreo days are different a few things have changed, not many single click autorooters, not much use of supersu anymore it's mostly all magisk

so I'm a little behind haha when I got the KeyOne and Key2 I became rusty.

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