[REQ] Sirius XM (v. 1.6) APK?


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May 3, 2010
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Does anyone have, or have access to, the new apk (v. 1.6) of the Sirius XM app? I would love to try it on my Xoom and see if it works. This is the only thing missing from my perfect tablet.


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May 30, 2011
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I agree, my Asus Transformer is near perfect. Would be great to play Sirius XM without the lame web browser player.

Unfortunately, I can confirm SiriusXM APK version 1.6 does not work on WIFI only tablets. The program is doing the same thing as version 1.0 and 1.1. It does not complete the "Checking for Updates" after you enter your streaming ID.

The reason is because the Sirius XM programmers are totally clueless and the program is trying to use Cellular Data connection to connect to their servers. They seem to have no idea what their customers want, and do not care either. For example, I have written them multiple times, and you have to provide the serial number of your SiriusXM physical radio for the email to be even accepted. Don't they get it! I want to stream from my phone or tablet. Absolutely clueless.

There may be hope, as the iPad app was recently updated, perhaps there will be an Android Tablet optimized app soon. God knows anything is better than the web browser player.

If you want to verify for yourself, you can use Root Exporer by Speed Software on your phone to transfer the app to your tablet. I will not be posting any files or links.