Restoring Google Drive WhatsApp data onto a new phone

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I have recently switched phones from a Huawei P10 lite to a Samsung Galaxy A53 as well as changed phone numbers from a Dutch number to a US number. I am facing challenges downloading my backed-up WhatsApp data. I would be grateful for some support and guidance.

On my old phone (Huawei), I backed up my WhatsApp data onto my Goggle Drive. The latest back up is visible on Google Drive.

When downloading WhatsApp on my new phone (Samsung), it asks me to restore back up. It identifies the backed-up data and starts the download process. It does not ‘link to’ to the backed up data on my Google Drive and then prompts me to restore older data. When I click on this option it indicates that there is no back up available for the email address linked to my Google Drive (despite the fact that I can see the latest WhatsApp back up on my Google drive); my email address is greyed out and it asks me to add another account (if I do this to the email address linked to my Google Drive it does not allow me to proceed as it says I am already signed into that account). I therefore cannot restore my backed-up data.

I have tried multiple time (uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp on my new phone). For context, I deleted the WhatsApp App on my old phone; I also have my Google drive on my new phone linked to the correct address (I only have one Google Drive and one Gmail address)

Any tips or ideas on how to solve?