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I have bought tablets for my business and created a restricted profile that only has access to work relevant apps (camera, maps, slack etc).

The camera will take photos, which is a necessary function of their job and are accessible in the Files app. The restricted profile can only share the file from the Files app and cannot view, delete or modify it. These photos are not viewable from the main/admin profile via the Files app either, they just don't show up in that app or anywhere in storage.

To combat this, I allowed permission to use Google Drive with that profile. ideally the photos taken would ideally end up there, but I get an error opening Drive "not allowed by your admin". There is also no Google account signed in with that app, and I get the same error code trying to add one. The app appears to be essentially useless.

Any ideas or suggestions? I want my employees to be able to take a work related photo and for that photo to end up on a cloud based gallery that I can access remotely.