Review About The LG Optimus P880 4X HD

Joshua Falls

Jul 9, 2013
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I purchased this phone last week from "Grainger Games" due to needing a mobile phone, upon inspection to the internet checking the specifications and such like, I noticed it had a 4.7" HD Screen, 1 GB Ram, 8MP Back Camera, 1.3MP Front Camera and a Quad Core 1.5GHZ Nividia Tegra 3 processor. It was running Ice Cream Sandwich which was not what my original phone had (Note II), I bought it from the shop due to it looking in great condition and from seeing how fast it would be. I took it home and started to set it up by logging into Google and getting used to the change of phone. It is a very fast phone with nice graphics when the screen is at 100% which brings me to my first quam. When the P880 gets hot it then reduces the brightness down to 70% which is very annoying if you are out in direct sunlight and I have tried all the apps in the store but I do not notice no difference in brightness. I would like if they introduced a setting too disable that as I prefer 100% brightness and the phone overheating. Other than that running apps and looking at pages on the internet are very clear and good and when you pinch and zoom its very fast and reliable, I have noticed when you have lots of apps open the phone begins too struggle opening new apps etc.

I have been posting adverts on Gumtree, eBay etc and when I am jumping between pages and things like that filling in half a form then checking my emails for a password lets say I need to go on to the home page and go to task manager (where I have put the app) and open it that way which is very annoying if you want to get things done quickly. I have been used to the Samsung Galaxy Note where you would hold down the middle button and the task manager would pop up but I am guessing it is just ICS that doesn't have that capability. Another thing I found that was a bad design was when typing a message using the LG Keyboard typing a message like "Hi, How are you" you obviously need to press the space button and then when typing fast (what I am used to) sometimes I press the space but obviously didn't touch it directly and touch the home screen button and then the email disappears and goes to home screen. It is very annoying when writing emails and such like and then it goes away and I need to re open it.

Other than that the LG is very nice to use, the look of it is brilliant and the battery covers pattern is very good when you have sweaty hands it grips very well so you don't drop it. The 2150mAh battery is very reliable as I have tested it from 12.30 - 15:00 in Costa going on facebook, emails, internet, few apps and using them constantly and the phone lasts very well and when 15:00 comes the phones at 20% and when on charge it goes from that to 100% in just over an hour.

I hope you have enjoyed the review, I have never wrote one before so hope I have included everything. If you do have any ideas or suggestions about the problems I have been having I would love to hear it to make my phone experience 10x better

Thank You For Your Time


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