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Review App "Faces History" - A tool for look back you memory on Facebook .


New member
Aug 17, 2016
**What is the main concept of “faces history” ?
The main concept of facebook history is assisting you to review all activites, posts, stories and pictures that you or your friends have been tagged in on facebook from the time your account was registried.
Only by choosing the date, every posts or activites taking place on this date will immediately show up.

**What is facebook history used for?
Facebook history is used for looking back the history on facebook. However, it is not just that.

- When you happen to realize that you have just forgotten something that are very important you can use “facebook history” to get them back.
- When you feel empty or depressed about the future you may get your strength from looking back what you achieved or did in the past
- One day, you randomly flip through different date, you are surely filled with nostalgia for all the things that you and your friends did together on old days. Especially, if you are currently out of touch with your friends because of busy working life , this maybe a good chance for you to come together.
- If you want to understand someone more that you especially care about, knowing what they did in the past would be a good


**What are differences between facebook history and the activity log of facebook ?
- Facebook history brings you back to the exact date that you want. It shows clearly the total number of activities or posts you have on that day and lists out all of them. You are no longer have to slide up and down to looking for the date you want on the activity log facebook.
- You have two ways to choose the date. The first is using calendar and the second is enter the exact date.

**How to use facebook history?
It’s very simple. The only thing you have to do is choosing the date and then wait to see the results.