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Dec 21, 2008
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To start this off this is my first skin I have actually put on a device but the second skin that I have ordered from BSE. The process of putting the skin on was pretty straight forward but make sure you have around 2 hours of available time to put this on because if you want a good fit you will need every minute of it. The things you will need to put the skin are: a small spray bottle (optional, but recommended), a bowl, water and a squirt of dish soap to put in the sprayer and the bowl, something clean and absorbent to put down where you are putting the skin on as to not get the area wet and to absorb excess water, a microfiber or lint free cloth and some sort of eye glass or computer cleaner to clean your device with before you apply the skin, and credit card or something similar to push excess water out with.

The steps of putting the skin on.

1. WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP!!!!!!! You will want your hands very clean.


2. Make mixture of soapy water with a squirt of soap in a bowl and then if you are using a spray bottle, fill that. I recommend using the spray bottle and bowl. The mixture should be slippery.

3. Clean the Device with a lint free cloth and eye glass or screen cleaner. You will want you device free of fingerprints and oils.

4. Decide what piece you are going to put on first. I put on the screen piece first because it seemed like it was the easiest and it was. GET YOUR FINGER TIPS WET WITH YOUR SOAPY MIXTURE! IF you don't get your fingers wet you will leave finger prints in the adhesive on the skin and it will look terrible. I can not stress this enough.

5. If you're using use the spray bottle spray a little bit on the device to create a thin surface of water so that you can slide and adjust the skin into position.

6. Peel the piece off the sheet very slowly with your wet fingers. KEEP TRACK OF THE STICKY SIDE! IF you don't keep track of the sticky sides the skin will never adhere.

7. Dunk the skin in your bowl of water and then wipe off excess water on the edge of the bowl.

8. Apply the skin and align it on the device.

9. Squeegee out the excess water with the credit card or similar thing.

Repeat for all the pieces. For the back piece I recommend taking the whole back off, it is a lot easier. For the tabs on the back piece do the main part of the skin and then let the tabs hang off and dry and then push them down.

Make sure that you let the device sit for at least 12 hours before using it.

My Review.

I have only had the skin on my G1 for a day and I am very impressed. The skin greatly improves the grip of the device. The touch screen works perfectly through the skin and does not greatly affect the resistance of the screen when swiping to scroll. This skin is well worth the money. I got it for $9.99 (US) shipped. Compared to $25 not shipped for a Zagg invisibleSHIELD that is a great deal. I had to modify the skin a little bit because I did not align the skin perfectly so thats why there are some area that aren't covered. I also had very fast shipping. On thing I wish they did differently, is to not cover the camera lens but if someone really cares about that they can just trim it off.





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