Review: ChoeTech Quick Charge 2.0, 10400mah Battery Bank...


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Dec 15, 2012
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I've been using this bank for a month now and wanted to share my thoughts on it. Here are two highlights of my experience with it:

- Quick Charge matters - I use my banks on-the-go and to be able to fast charge when in that setting is awesome. I am always surprised how large a charge the Note 5 gets in such a short period.

- Size matters - over the past couple of years I've been using larger and larger capacity banks, thinking that is the ticket. Unfortunately, the larger capacity comes at a price - larger size, more weight, which doesn't work well for on-the-go. The size of this bank is right in the sweet spot for me. My backpack (and my back) really appreciate it.

Here's a link to the bank, and below is my review posted on Amazon.
Note that there are now 3 versions of this bank, mine is the 10400mah version.
Hope this helps!

I receive products to review from various sellers. In every case, I provide a totally unbiased review to benefit those interested in these products.

As with other CHOETECH hardware that I've reviewed, the design, fit, finish and performance of this external battery bank is really exceptional. Here are some key points:

- Performance: In a word, this bank is FAST. I haven't used my OEM Samsung fast wall charger in a while, but this bank is at least as fast as I recall that being. For me, I tend to use battery banks when I am on-the-go, and having the QC 2.0, 75% faster charging speed of this bank has made my other banks obsolete. It runs cool and recharges quickly as well.

- Design/Build: This bank looks like an iPod on steroids. The front/back/sides of the case is cut from heavyweight metal. It's very very solid. The design of the status lights is the best I've seen yet. They are not overly bright - a problem with other banks when used in a dark bedroom at night - and when fast charging, the first light in sequence changes color to confirm "fast charge" mode. Nice. No need to check the mode on the phone.

- Price: As with all Choetech products, the price is low and the value is very high compared to other similar products.

Further to the fast charging speed, I've come to realize that a more moderate-sized bank like this is best for me. I have banks with twice the capacity (and twice the size and weight) and I really appreciate the size/capacity ratio of this particular unit. This bank has already become my go-to battery bank.


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Jul 3, 2014
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Thanks for the review!

I was keeping tabs on a few power banks but I'm definitely keeping this one high on the list.

QC is pretty important to me in terms of having a charge anywhere, I don't want to be tethered to a wall for a long time, and I don't want to be tethered to a power bank for a while either! So this one is looking good so far.