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Feb 25, 2011
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So I just got the Exomount for my car and my Nexus S. I guess this could be for any phone really as all it is, is a claw suction cup thing. Since the Nexus S, doesn't have a lot of car mount options, I figured this one would work fine.

and it does work... but just ok.

When mounted on the windshield it holds really well. Anywhere else, it can lose suction over time. Since I keep mine on the windshield, it works just fine. The grip is tight to the phone, and it should work with pretty much anything unless you have buttons in the middle of the phone where the clamp may touch them.

The other feature it has is that it has a ball joint that you can pivot the phone in pretty much any direction, and it does that very well.

Overall, its just a clamp and a suction cup. The one area that it disappoints is that the joint is not rock solid. When you are on the freeway the phone vibrates. Normally its not a big problem, but when you are using the navigation features it can be annoying to have the screen shaking a bit. When driving city roads, its been pretty smooth (thus far). The other thing is if you are shaking a lot (say gravel road etc.) the phone mic (since the phone is vibrating) does cause some quality loss and minor cutting out, nothing major unless you are driving over bumpy roads or railroad tracks.

for just shy of $20 - its about as good as any in the price range. But honestly, it may be better to spend money on a more solid mount.

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