[Review] Metal Savior Case for Galaxy Note 10 Plus You will love


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Dec 15, 2018
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I was offered a few cases to review from a new company Schnail


I've been using this case for about a week and a half and I love it. It is rock solid and feels like it could take a serious beating. The TPU around the edges is raised enough to keep the screen and the camera lens from coming in contact with surfaces when placed either face up or down and the corners are flared out a bit which is stylish as well as protective, the metal piece is a nice accent and adds to the rigidity of the case, and the clear poly-carbonate back plate doesn't hide the attractive phone I purchased. Visually, I love it and I'd trust it to protect my phone from any accidental drops. It's bigger than a lot of cases I've used in the past, but still completely pocketable and after busting the screen on my last phone while in a cheap case, I didn't want to take a chance this time.

Assembly was a little tricky the first couple times, but it seems to have loosened up a bit since then. I had trouble at first getting one of the corners to fold over the frame, but managed in a couple minutes just with a bit of pressure. Disassembly is a bit easier. There's a small gap at the bottom right corner where I was able to slip in a fingernail and it pulled apart easily enough as I worked around the edges of the phone.

The USB-C port opening is wide enough to use with both the stock cable, aftermarket cables, and even my USB-C flash drive (Patriot Trinity) without issue. Sound redirects through the case to the front of the phone without sounding warped, making for a good experience when watching media. I didn't see an opening for the microphone either, but I've taken several calls and have heard no complaints from anyone, so I assume this is routed through to the front as well. The buttons are very responsive. There's a solid click when you press one which I love, and it doesn't suffer from the flaw my previous case had where the buttons feel mushy or activate unintentionally.

Apart from the size, which I personally am fine with, though it might be a bit too large for some, I haven't found anything to complain about with this case. I'm pretty impressed. I'd never heard of Schnail before, but it's a great first experience with the company.

Link to Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZVGZQV6?tag=hawk-future-20&ascsubtag=UUacUvbUpU6715507
24.98 dollars