Rexone Studios Launches Ninjaken


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Jul 14, 2011
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Talk of the devil and he is bound to appear, this time in the form of ninja. Check out ?Ninjaken? from Rexone Studios and enjoy some real slashing action without being gory! Take a look at the trailer and pictures here! What you have to do? Slash everything in your path. Nothing will be saved from your rage! Your goal is to reach the end of each level, fighting two different colored objects.
The background enhances the feeling of every stage and puts you right into the ninja world of ?Shinji?. The character animations are well done and the art design fits perfect into the ninja setting. In the background you see mountains and cities, while in the foreground graphics are very artistic, with mixed colors. Of course, the ninja comes with a mask and there are obstacles to get rid of. This action game comes with a clear goal. You have to try each and every level to achieve it. The background music of Ninjaken is dainty and will up your heartbeat straightaway. The sounds are really good and suitable for the game. The controls of Ninjaken are arcade-like and very easy to operate. The game is played with four buttons: ?slash red objects? on the left, ?slash blue objects? on the right, ?jump? on the up and ?dip? on the down. Shinji, the ninja comes with powers ? Onek Shuriken and Shinji Tatsumaki which can help you in moving from one level to another. Ninjaken comes with 3 levels. You might think it is easy but in reality the levels get more difficult quickly and every level is completely different from the others. I think this is wonderful as it makes the levels less predictable and more difficult to pass. I would say that this Ninjaken has a fun and fabulous atmosphere. The mechanics in Ninjaken are same. Slash ? Jump ? Slash ? Dip ? Slash ? Enjoy!

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