Right hand side (near power button) of s4 creaks when pressed?


Jul 4, 2013
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This issue is a little odd and I have not found any similar issues elsewhere on the threads, so I'll ask my own question..

I've had my s4 around 10 weeks and have always had a fake flip case I brought cheaply off eBay, I know, but I cannot justify spending ?45 on a genuine one!

Anyway, I've been noticing recently that when I press the phone on the right side near the power button but lower, the phone makes creaking noises, like something isn't attached properly, this issue is worse when I remove the back of the phone, however when there's a back on the phone it doesn't do it as much, only rarely.

On closer inspection I noticed that at the bottom on the right hand side the silver casing around the phone is slightly raised, by about an inch and is about 2cm wide, I've never noticed this before, as it is so tiny but on looking earlier if there was any reason of the creaking I noticed this.. Now I cannot have possibly done this myself and thus I can only think it was an issue in faulty production that I have not pick up on since having the phone..

What shall I do about this?
I have the phone as part of a tesco mobile contract, and yes I have insurance but my excess is ?100 and I don't see why I should pay that for something which was clearly a production error?
Will samsung be willing to take responsibility for this and offer me a replacement?

I know the issue is only small, however when paying this much for a phone you do not expect it to creak after 10 weeks!

What's the best way to contact samsung?

Thanks! I have included an image of the fault, as you can see its only small


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