Ringtone--only ringtone-- not working on speaker


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Jun 25, 2018
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I have a Samsung galaxy s7 running Android 7.0 that is having a very bizarre problem. For some unexplainable reason, my ringtone, and only my ringtone does not work out loud. At this point, I can hear all texting, email, misc. notifications out loud, as well as the locking/unlocking sounds, but when someone calls me, the sound is completely silent. When headphones are plugged in I can hear the ringtone through headphones-- but not out loud. When I restart my phone, the ringtone is audible for the first one or two times a call comes through, and then becomes inaudible again. I have checked all my volume settings (they are all on loudest), tried resetting my ringtone, and disabled the Easy Mute setting. Any other suggestions? Thanks.