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Sep 15, 2011
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I am the latest in a reluctant WebOs (and PreCentral) converts :'(. I bought my Palm Pre on the day it was released on Sprint (June 6th, 2009):'(. I have been in love ever since. But my love's father has killed her, and so, since I'm too fickle to be alone, here I am.:'(

Based on what I've read I think my best bet for state of the art is the EVO 3D. Especially since I really like HTC Sense Ui much better than any of the other's I've seen. I am mildly concerned that there is no NFC, especially since I'll probably have this phone for a while and with Apple jumping on board the NFC wagon, it will take off within moments of the Apple NFC phone release. I don't like the idea of being left behind again. For obvious reasons, I have abandonment issues.

So, I hope that you AndroidCentral people are as cool as the PreCentral people, so let's find out with a couple of questions.

  • Any advice for a soon to be former WebOs user? My favorite things about WebOS were of course Synergy and the smooth ability to swipe between open apps.
  • Given that UI is subjective, is there a better overlay than the SenseUi?
  • Is there a better phone on the horizon that will be released on Sprint before the holiday's (On Sprint)?

So let's begin...


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Nov 25, 2010
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Welcome CMercs, welcome to Android Central.. I'm sure you will find Android Central to be a warm and welcoming place.

A few of your questions...

Sense UI... It is just like any other UI out there.. It has its own set of pros/cons and its something you have to learn to deal with regardless of it being Sense or Touch Wiz (Samsung) or other carrier/manufacture based UI's.

Sprint and new devices... Probably the biggest news is the soon to be released (literally in days) is the Samsung Galaxy S II line or the Samsung Epic Touch 4g. This is supposed to be the big dog leading into the holidays based on dual core technology and all packaged into what is looking to be one of the smallest (thinnest) devices available. The same SGSii device is being launched across a few other carriers also, T Moble/Sprint/US Cellular.

Hope this helps shed a little light on your questions and we hope to see you apart of the Android community soon :)


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Sep 14, 2011
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Also a Webos user here, looking to switch. Have you seen Android Centrals switching guide?

I'm still working thru the "Homebrewers guide to Android"... there's a ton of info in there.

I'm with you on the abandonment issues :). I'm also getting tired of rooting for the underdog.

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